Our backgroud

Sahra Agribusiness Consulting Oy was founded in 2012 by two agricultural engineering students. Experiences in farming and interest in the technology behind farming were the main reasons in founding consulting venture, to further develop the industry and the machines. Better equipment and tools make efficient farming. During the studies in University of Helsinki the founders kept their fingers on the pulse by keeping a keen eye on the new trends in the agricultural technology.

The founders gain their knowledge in farming and animal husbandry. Keeping the family tradition both of them are successor for their parents work in their family farms, one of them continuing his family’s dairy farm in Nilsiä and the other continuing his family’s cattle farm in Ylitornio. Experience in farming provide Sahra with understanding what kind of solutions are need by professional farmer, thus making Sahra the best partner for a company looking for beneficial co-operation in agricultural business.

Together we are able to find the best solutions for your needs and challenges of future farming. We serve a wide range of clients, who are offering their services and products for the agricultural sector.

Our Mission

We value durability, sustainability and usability in the products, and we conduct same values into our operations.

High quality isn’t only durability, it is well thought solutions with ease of use and intuitive user experience.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and it’s the guiding principle to achieve the best solution for our customer as well as the actual end user.

How can we help you?

Get in touch and we will help you with your project.

We are here to help you and your company to grow and develop new solutions for agriculture.