We help you and your company to develop your agricultural business

Why partner with us?

Our knowledge in agronomy and agricultural business is from decades of experience in farming and agricultural business. We can provide you with our experience to benefit your product development all the way from the beginning to its placement in the market.

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Cultivating Ideas to Innovations

To cultivate growth in your business ventures in agricultural product and services, we can offer ideas and innovation to benefit growth in your business.

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Our Customers

We offer our consulting services for wide customer base within the agribusiness. Including mechanical engineering, automation development, software development, agricultural trade and feed industry.

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Our services

Main design

Principal designer manages the whole project as an service from the beginning to the end.



In mechanical, hydraulic, automation and process engineering we have a wide range of technical knowledge, in every field used in agriculture.

Functional engineering

Functional engineering includes designing functions to new process, or product or improving existing processes.

Marketing development

We can provide you consultation how to improve your marketing and help you with product launches and digital marketing.

Project management

Within the agricultural business, we are able to organize your idea into reality. Your project, your rules, completed for you as a service. We can provide you with project management in a large variety of agricultural related tasks.

Other Consultation

Our global network can provide you expertise with import and export, customs and other local or foreign authorities.

Research and Assessments

We are able to provide you with research and studies to your projects with a competitive pricing suited for your needs.

Special inquiries

Inquiries involving measurements, modelling and simulation can be included and provided to benefit your projects.


An agricultural assistant as a service with special knowledge in agriculture can be provided to your assistance with competitive pricing, starting from 61€ per hour.

As we add value to your end user, your business will benefit as well.
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