What kind of projects have we done with our customers?

Mechanical engineering

Sometimes projects evolve during the development, as it did in this particular case. Our customer contacted us to design a mechanical parts for their project. After the parts were made they wanted us to handle also the hydraulic and the electronic engineering for their project. Thus, our co-operation evolved as the project made progress. In the end we ended up tendering a competition for part suppliers and making sure that the design was compatible with Finnish and European legislation. To further our co-operation this project led us to carry out more machine design projects and related compatibility projects for them in other projects. 

Investment subsidies 

Our customer had problem in investing subsidies concerning used farming equipment. Arrangement was to get an answer from the authorities quickly if used equipment were also eligible for the investment subsidies. In a couple of hours we were able to go through the Finnish and EU legislation and preparations for the legislation concerning the issue. We contacted Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and other administration, and got answer for our customer in time. 

Immaterial Property Rights 

Our customer wanted us to register his trademark to protect it. For the registration we looked up European and global trademark databases and made sure that there were no legal obstacles preventing the registration. We have knowledge on how to register trademarks efficiently and fast by including the right classifications and categorizations for the application. Agricultural applications are our specialty as the vocabulary for the industry is our strength and the industry well known to us.

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