Project management

Let us do the project management for your projects. We will manage the project, execute the project actions. You can even let us arrange the quality control of each project. As owner of the project, you only need to make assignment and approve project plans. Within project, we will report to you regularly as you wish, so that you have easy access to follow up and to make proper adjustments as project owner.

Mechanical engineering

Our mechanical engineer produces solutions, that take has deep understanding of end users needs. The smallest details are those that make your products to stand out.

Hydraulics and automation engineering

When developing hydraulic systems, automation and electronics needs to be taken into account. We will focus on user experience, hence build a user interface where user chooses certain operation. User doesn't necessarily need to know which actuator executes the operation. Both hydraulics and electronics provide solutions to build sequences for complex operations.

Software design

Amount of data produced by single farm is already huge. Without efficient utilization most profitable decisions are impossible to make. By widely understanding each operation on farms, we can help you build vast number of applications for farms. And nowadays everything has to be connected to enterprise resource planning softwares.

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