Service descriptions

We can offer you a wide range of services with both long and short contracts. The most popular and easiest is a one year contract without minimum charges. With 1-year contract you don't need to know what kind of services you need. Minimum charge for single service contract is 5 hours. If you feel these might not fit your needs, let us know and we will tailor a perfect package for you!


Head designer

Head designer is responsible of all design tasks and overall design project. Head designer manages design tasks and leads design team.

Project director

Project director takes full responsibility of the project. Project definition by client creates the frame for project management.

Special research

Special research includes research, that require specific knowledge, measurement or modeling.

Other research

We offer various kind of background research with competitive price.

Technical engineering

Technical design includes mechanical engineering, hydraulics engineering, automation engineering and process engineering.

Function design

Function design includes design and engineering for new products, services or processes.

Other technical consulting

We offer you consulting for even small tasks like assisting or guiding design and engineering.

Marketing consulting

We offer wide range of marketing consultin with our partners. Ask for more about product launches, exhibitions or digital marketing, to name a few.

Other consulting

We offer various kind of experts for your needs including dealing with Finnish authoritatives, import or export. Our experts have a wide network around the globe.

Project management

We can offer you a project manager who has expertise in agribusiness. Project manager can be responsible for a project director within your company or for project director you have ordered from us.


We can tailor varios kinds of trainings within agribusiness sector, for competitive prices.


Do you need just a couple of extra hands to work for your tasks within agribusiness? We can offer you assistants for low prices.

Didn't find what you need? Ask about our subcontractors and networks!