About Sahra

"We kept finding so many issues especially in user experiences in many machines. We knew we could create better design and engineering than many of those we had used in our farms and during studies."

-Ville Koivisto, CEO-

Sahra Agribusiness Consulting Oy was established in 2012 by two agricultural engineering students. Long experience in agriculture and interest in technology and engineering pushed these two men forward in founding the consulting company for agribusiness sector. Mission to create even better machines, software, services and methods was born during their studies in University of Helsinki. They have always kept in touch with the most recent changes in both agriculture and technology. New ideas and innovations just kept coming.

Both co-founders have long experience in both farming and machinery. One was born and raised in beef farm in Northern Finland, the other one in dairy farm in Eastern Finland. Both are still carrying on with these family businesses. Strong understanding and interest in the purpose and surroundings of products and services designed makes Sahra the most suitable partner for any company serving agribusiness.